A family home in tune with nature

Exuding natural harmony, Dekotalo Ruuti is a testament to functionality and quality.
The large windows in the living room flood the house with natural light.

The Housing Fair in Tuusula held in the summer of 2020 featured amazing homes where many families and couples got to realise their dream. Nowadays, shower rooms – in some cases ‘home spas’ – play a major role in people’s decorating aspirations, and as a result, demands in this area have grown increasingly diverse.

Dekotalo Ruuti was built for a family of four – a mum, dad and two toddlers. The home owners wanted the house to be functional, with enough room for everyone to play and unwind. This house is the answer to all those needs. The home is a beautiful ensemble that makes brilliant use of the spaces and allows thoughtful finishing touches to shine through.

Earthy tones that give the home a peaceful atmosphere were chosen for all the surfaces, as well as large windows that flood the home with natural daylight and invite nature in. This makes the spaces open and airy and beautifully accentuates the home’s colour palette.

The Vieser Square Design drain cover is a showstopper in the shower room.

High-quality materials and earthy colours extend naturally into the shower rooms. The importance of day-to-day functionality for families is also reflected in how the shower rooms were realised. A large Vieser Design Accoya wood drain cover in the downstairs shower room catches the eye immediately upon stepping into the room. The choice of floor drain was based not only on appearance, but also on functionality and user experience, basic pillars of this house.

Vieser’s wood design floor drain covers are a safe way to bring the trendy wood look to the floor of a shower room, as the wood used for the design cover is treated to withstand shower room conditions. The cover is easy to keep clean, and it is easy to remove when the time comes to clean the drain. The Vieser Square design drain cover brings a touch of luxury to home shower rooms without compromising functionality.

Take a virtual tour of Dekotalo Ruuti here.


Products used

Vieser Square Cover Accoya, Waxed