Vacationing in style in Rukatunturi

When Scandic Rukahovi Hotel at the Rukatunturi fell and ski resort was getting a facelift, the bathrooms needed a new floor drain that would combine the best of design and functionality.

Scandic Rukahovi is a hotel of traditional elegance situated in the heart of Ruka, in the alpine village of Rukatunturi, right near the ski slopes. It is a true ski-in ski-out hotel that gives you immediate access to Ruka’s fabulous slopes and cross-country ski tracks. The hotel offers both hotel rooms and apartments, as well as a wide range of restaurant services. With 548 beds, it is also the biggest hotel in Ruka.

In 2019–2020, Scandic Rukahovi underwent a major renovation. The bathrooms in the hotel rooms were also revamped, with the aim of giving the shower areas a touch of luxury and timeless elegance. Vieser Line linear drains were chosen for the floor drain solution, bringing a beautiful and harmonious floor surface to the shower rooms. The serene and pleasing general look is timeless and lends a spa feeling to the bathroom.

In hotels, it is especially important that all maintenance and servicing work is carried out efficiently and imperceptibly in the background. This gives the hotel guests a true break from the day-to-day stress of life and allows them to enjoy their holiday. That is why, when choosing the floor drain solution for Scandic Rukahovi’s bathrooms, one often overlooked aspect was taken into account. In hotel conditions, drains require extremely efficient operation with few maintenance intervals.

In the perfect shower experience, water drains away quickly from the floor and the drain works efficiently. The maintenance interval for the drain should be long, so that hardly any of the carefully calculated cleaning time is used up for this infrequent operation.

When the time to clean the drain finally comes, it must be possible to take care of it quickly, easily and without any extra steps or tools. Vieser’s linear drain optimally meets these requirements. The drain solution was built on top of the popular and highly efficient Finnish Vieser One drain. The Vieser One drain’s fast flow and brilliantly simple structure brings just this kind of ease and reliability even to high-use bathrooms – not to mention a surface solution that is aesthetically compatible with the rest of the floor, i.e. a tiled cover. The Vieser Line linear floor drain is also a safe and stable choice in terms of both use and waterproofing.

“The drain solution in the bathrooms is important. The hotel has high cleaning standards, and the time used by professional cleaners is optimised to achieve the best end result. When the drains have longer cleaning intervals, it allows more time to clean, for example, other areas in the bathroom, which means higher quality cleaning. Vieser’s linear drain is very clean and easy to maintain,” says Niina Käkelä, who is in charge of Scandic Rukahovi’s cleaning operations.

“The renovation of Scandic Rukahovi has been an important project for us. As one part of it, the new look of the bathrooms complements the modern and high-quality guest experience. The skilfully designed look of the bathrooms, including the beautiful and unnoticeable drain cover solution, speaks volumes of the standard we want to offer our guests. A unique experience in which even the tiniest details have been well-thought-out and complement one another sets the stage for a wonderful holiday,” says the hotel’s General Manager, Lea Riekki.

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