Our story

We at Vieser believe that nothing is impossible and that everything can be done just a little bit smarter.

Our roots

We are a Finnish family company that manufactures and sells floor drains. Our roots lie in skilled Ostrobothnian workmanship. We started out in 1973 in Kauhajoki, Western Finland, with our founder Erkki Jyllilä at the reins. The establishment of Vieser was the outcome of Erkki’s vision to bring to the markets a product capable of solving a common practical problem: How to drain water from a bathroom securely and safely while at the same time saving costs. Erkki envisioned a higher-quality product that is easier to install than its cast iron predecessors.

The Jyllilä brothers Olavi (on the left) and Erkki (in the middle) with their friend in their home landscapes in the late 1950s.
The Jyllilä brothers Olavi (on the left) and Erkki (in the middle) with their friend in their home landscapes in the late 1950s.

The journey started with plastic technology and mold expertise

We began our journey by acquiring expertise in plastic technology and molding, which only few mastered at the time, and we delivered on our value proposition through our original and practical cutting-edge Vieser HPAC sector products. Production started up in Kauhajoki and, today, all of Vieser’s production still takes place in Finland.

High-quality product design

As a reward for a job well done, our products have achieved a clear market lead in Finland and a strong position elsewhere in the Nordic countries. Our customers choose our products time and time again and, today, more than seven million bathrooms feature a Vieser floor drain system. Nowadays, high-quality product design plays an even greater role in inspiring homeowners, but behind the stylish exterior lies a practical product that assists people in their daily lives and exceeds the expectations of our professional customers and homeowners alike.

Our philosophy

We continuously develop new products in order to serve up the best solutions for our customers’ needs. Vieser offers superior quality, functionality and durability. We focus on the design of our products and sustainable development. Our goal is to serve the markets with stylish solutions that belong in the modern home and improve the daily lives of our customers.

Our selection has been designed to support people’s interior design dreams and to inspire them to make discerning choices. We want to help our customers create distinctive decors that please the eye, create harmony and help to improve the quality of life.

Vieser – Small but significant

Vieser is part of the Paree Group, the first part of which was established in 1973. The Paree Group’s turnover is approximately EUR 70 million (in 2020). The company employs 450 people.

Vieser -pieni mutta iso

Vieser on osa Paree Group – yritysryhmää, jonka ensimmäinen osa on perustettu jo vuonna 1973. Paree Groupin liikevaihto on noin 70 miljonaa euroa (vuonna 2020). Yhtiö työllistää noin 450 työntekijää.

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