A beautiful log house is constructed in line with nature

Jontte Valosaari appreciates the ease and domesticity in Vieser

An impressive log house is being constructed on an idyllic countryside lot in Siuntio. Jontte Valosaari has built his future home from scratch, enabling him to create an ensemble of his own choosing. Valosaari wanted to favour Finnish material suppliers as much as possible, which is why he opted for easy-to-install, elegant floor drains from Vieser.

Valosaari is a fire fighter, a singer, and a father of two. Before starting the building project, he contemplated on simpler options such as moving to an apartment building or buying a finished one-family house. However, he longed to live in rustic and peaceful surroundings, which was simply not available as a move-in-ready solution. As he had earlier experience of building houses, Valosaari finally felt like a new construction was the only way to go.

– I wanted a house that would promote closeness to nature and healthy indoor air, free of plastics and allergens. This is why I decided on a log house, explains Valosaari.

’Easy and simple to install’

Valosaari wanted to favour Finnish material suppliers as much as possible, which was one of the reasons he opted for Vieser products. In addition to promoting domestic industries, his incentives included the ease of installing Vieser’s linear floor drains as well as their compatible dimensions.

Valosaari looks back: – Somebody recommended Vieser for me and, after checking them up, I was convinced. Many of Vieser’s products were an instant match for me. I was planning to use 800 mm x 800 mm floor tiles in the bathroom and I figured that Vieser’s 800-mm linear floor drain would make the best possible combination with them.

The ease of installing and cleaning surpassed all my expectations. This is why Vieser is my number one choice any time.

Jontte Valosaari

Valosaari also knew Vieser’s products from his earlier building work. For example, he had personally installed their basic floor drains before. The linear floor drain was particularly easy to install, since it fit directly to the basic drain.

– There is nothing to it, as long as you make sure that the drain is at the correct elevation level from the floor. It was very easy and simple to install, using the good instructions provided. I know Finnish men are not supposed to read instructions but I did. This gave me all the support I needed to make it simple enough, says Valosaari with a smile.

The building project is very close to completion now. So far, everything has been running like clockwork.

– We have had no bigger issues at all and hardly even any bumps on the road. The entire project just worked out great, says Valosaari, happy about the outcome.

Cooperation with Vieser ran smoothly every step of the way, from selecting the products to installing them. Customer service was always ready to help with any questions.

One of the perks of linear floor drains is that they are extremely easy to clean. This sealed the deal with my choice on floor drains.

Jontte Valosaari