A new dimension of luxury for a design hotel

Hotel Riverton, located on the waterfront in central Gothenburg, was recently expanded.

The Riverton Hotel, a design hotel in Gothenburg, recently underwent a major expansion. The new, intensely visual and luxurious feel of the hotel demanded special attention to details – including some that have not traditionally been considered as design choices.

The brand new bathrooms of the Riverton Hotel feature large tiles with a glossy finish, accompanied by Vieser’s linear drains. A Vieser Line linear tiled drain cover is the perfect solution when the aim is to achieve beautiful and coherent surfaces using large tiles.

With a linear drain installed right next to the wall, the floor can be angled toward the drain in a single direction. This allows the use of full tiles and eliminates the need to cut large tiles into smaller pieces. As a result, the beautiful pattern on the tiles comes into its own.

Luxurious look of the bathroom
A drain that blends in with the decor

Another important feature of tiled drain covers is the freedom of choice they provide. The cover can be tiled, as in the case of the Riverton Hotel, to blend in almost imperceptibly with the surrounding tiles. The cover can also be tiled to match the pattern created on the floor. The available options fully serve the desired overall visual appearance.

Freedom of choice also applies to the location of a Vieser Line drain in the bathroom. Linear floor drains are typically installed flush against the wall, so that the floor can be angled in a single direction. Vieser Line, however, is just as easy and safe to install anywhere in the bathroom. The location of the drain can be chosen based entirely on visual preference, without compromising the safety aspects of waterproofing.

The cornerstones of Vieser’s products are beautifully designed drain covers, operational reliability and carefree day-to-day use. All our design covers are compatible with the extremely efficient Vieser One floor drains.

In hotel use, these product characteristics are important beyond measure. Vieser’s drains are highly efficient. They allow water to flow quickly away from the floor and do not require frequent cleaning. This is thanks to the strong flow rate of Vieser One drains, flushing most of the dirt down the drain and at the same time cleaning the water trap in connection with normal use.

When the time finally comes, cleaning the drain is a breeze and requires no special tools or expertise. No separate learning is required for this infrequent task, and hardly any of the hotel’s carefully calculated cleaning time is used up for cleaning the drain.

Read more about Vieser drains’ easy cleaning.

Efficient drain, carefree living


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