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A beautiful linear floor drain adapts to the interior either inconspicuously or highlighted. Fast, easy and safe installation.

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Why Vieser Line?

  • Suitable for both renovation and new construction.
  • Safe and secure waterproofing connection.
  • Enables the use of a large tiles and fall in one direction.
  • Easy to clean – the water lock is easy to remove and put back.
  • The tiled insert model is compatible with all common bathroom floor tiles and floor coverings (e.g. microcement or resin).
  • Combined with the Vieser One extra low floor drain, the system height is only 90 mm.

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Stylish and transformative

The stylish and transformable Vieser Line is a new type of line floor drain system that combines high quality, unique design and innovative usability. ​

Product selection

Easy to plan

​Vieser Line consists of a cover and a tray that are sold separately. The cover is available as tiled and stainless steel models.​

In addition, a traditional floor drain suitable for the site from the Vieser One drain family is selected for the drain system. The selection of the drain is guided by e.g. floor structure (height), HVAC plan and the required number of side connections.​​

All Vieser floor drains are compatible with the Vieser Line drain covers and trays.

Product selection

Freedom to decorate

​The tiled cover can be emphasized or it can almost disappear into part of the floor surface by using the same tile or coating as the surrounding floor. You can also choose a matte black, powder-coated steel cover. ​

Vieser Line adapts to the interior in many ways – it can be placed next to the wall, slightly away from the wall, in the middle of the floor or several next to each other.

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Easy cleaning

The luxury of everyday life is the ease of maintenance. Vieser’s drains are designed in such a way that the water quickly leaves the floor. This is achieved by the innovative structure of the floor drain, which enables the water to flow quickly.

When the time to clean the drain finally comes, the procedure is quick and easy. You can focus on enjoying carefree everyday life and your bathroom.

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The union of design and functionality

The Vieser Line floor drain is not only beautiful to look at, but also reliable in use and easy to maintain. Ambitious and high-quality design means no compromises when it comes to everyday use.

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