Unique design – impeccable function

A floor drain designed to be an eye-catcher

A whole new direction for bathrooms

Much more than just a technical facility, a bathroom should be a haven of comfort and its interior design is something people are willing to invest in. Nature-inspired themes, such as wood, sustainable and responsible choices and a Nordic vibe are the cornerstones of Vieser’s operations, and strong trends in bathroom design.

Design has always been embedded in all of our operations. Initially, we focussed on designing the perfect floor drain. Now, our floor drain covers are designed to be part of the bathroom decor. A cover is no longer just a technical solution; it can be the striking centrepiece of the bathroom – a beautiful, timeless design product.

“A cover is no longer just a technical solution; it can be the striking centrepiece of the bathroom – a beautiful, timeless design product.

Award-winning Nordic design co-operation

In recent years, we have introduced totally new kinds of design drain covers with shapes and materials that are revolutionising the entire offering. In the design process, we co-operate closely with the top Nordic design firms Aivan Design and Pentagon Design.

Even in designing the more traditional square covers, we have made no compromises. Our new collection is the result of co-operation with Nordic design professionals.

While our design choices may sometimes have been very bold and outside the mainstream, we have never accepted any compromises on functionality. We have created covers that are compatible with all Vieser drains and highly carefree and low-maintenance for end users. All our products from drains to covers and gratings offer excellent flow properties and long maintenance intervals.

Our broad selection of drain products makes the best choices possible for both the floor surface and under the floor in diverse projects. This union of design and function is a designer’s and installer’s dream. Visit our References page for some dream bathrooms brought to life.

“For us, design is both the experience of high-quality design on the bathroom surfaces and easy living thanks to state-of-the-art functionality under the floor.”

Janina Ollberg, Head of Products and Design, Vieser

Wood, naturally

A natural look and feel is a timeless trend, and it is no coincidence that we have chosen wood as the material in our long-term design process. We have broken entirely new ground in using wood on bathroom floors. Wood has a pleasant feel underfoot, and when standing on a sturdy wooden cover while showering, you can enjoy the soft, natural sound of water.

The covers made from Kebony wood, which are produced in a non-toxic and ecological process, have been granted the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Thanks to the unique treatment they undergo, these hard, durable and beautiful wood products have excellent water-resistant properties for use in bathrooms.
More information on the wood we use and the way it is treated can be found on the dedicated product pages for our Dot and Square wood covers.

The freedom to choose

Vieser’s Nordic design products made in Finland give bathroom designers an unprecedented degree of freedom. Placement of the floor drain is flexible, and depending on the interior design materials, the cover can be either highlighted or perfectly blended into the bathroom floor.

Large tiles, natural wood or anything in between – the choice is yours.

Be inspired!


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