Stark and stunning in Kotka’s archipelago

A shower room that reflects its owners. Friends Tommi Korpela and Kari Hietalahti made their dream of building a fishing cabin on a remote island by the sea a reality.

This unique leisure home owned by the actor friends was featured on the Design by Lauri programme on TV5. The home consists of modules that were prefabricated at a factory and transported as container elements to the rugged island seascape. The modern home, designed by Lauri Ylönen, sits naturally in the rock-cliff landscape of Rankki Island and is decorated in a minimalist Scandinavian style.

Eco-friendliness and respect for nature – important values for Korpela and Hietalahti – are apparent in every choice and solution used in the house. The leisure home consists of separate buildings that are joined together by a large deck.

The sauna and shower spaces are set off from the main building, enabling the best possible peaceful sauna experience. The large windows bring the outdoors in, making it feel like the archipelago sea and its rocky landscape are part of the house. The striated patterns of the cliff rocks are repeated in the shower room and bathroom tiling, which works well with the monochromatic, large and cohesive floor tiling. Draining the water from the space are two practically invisible Vieser Line tiled floor drains.

In this home, the objective was to choose clear and calm surface materials that highlight the surrounding natural landscape. The Rankki fishing cabin is the perfect spot to concentrate on fishing, take in the scenery or enjoy good company, as Vieser floor drains are very low maintenance and hardly require cleaning. The drains are designed to be self-cleaning, and when the time comes, cleaning the drain is a breeze and requires no special expertise, tricks or tools.

The gratings of Vieser Line floor drains can be tiled in a floor tile of the customer’s choosing, or the grating frame can be filled with a material, such as microcement, that is suitable for use in wet spaces. The grating can blend in seamlessly with the floor or it can be highlighted with a different colour tile or coating. The Vieser Line range also includes design gratings made of stainless steel and painted matte black.

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Photos: Kuvagalleria Kotka


Holiday house in the Kotka archipelago

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