A bright and spacious leisure home

Mikko Kuustonen’s and Hanna Brotherus’s leisure home, set in a beautiful natural landscape by a lake, is inviting and full of light.

The leisure home of Mikko Kuustonen and Hanna Brotherus was one of the homes featured on the TV show Design by Lauri in autumn 2019. Their leisure home is located in Mäntyharju, an area familiar to Brotherus from her youth. The couple found the perfect piece of land on the tip of a peninsula, by a lake, where they hoped to build a cottage with an open-concept floor plan for living and unwinding. The outcome of the project, a design by Lauri Ylönen, was a modern and airy leisure home with a large deck and a separate sauna building.

Chosen for the bathroom in the main house was a design floor drain solution called Vieser Square filled with Dekton piece that was the perfect fit for the modern and unique style of the home. The dimensions of the large, square design grating made from Dekton sinterized particles are 60 cm x 60 cm, and the solid grating is designed for the person in the shower to stand on. The Vieser Square grating is solid and stable, and the matte and slightly rough surface feels pleasant underfoot.

Matching Dekton piece into Vieser Square design cover can be bought in Finland from Cosentino. Cosentino offers Dekton in many different colours and patterns. Stainless steel Vieser Line floor drains were chosen for the separate sauna building as a counterpart to the otherwise dark colours and the metal tones of the showers. The crowning stroke of this relaxing, inviting space is the built-in Drop hot tub on the deck of the sauna building.

Read more about Vieser’s role in the Design by Lauri programme here.

General photos of the site: Kuvagalleria Kotka

Photos of Vieser floor drains: Lauri Laukkanen

Products used:

Vieser Square Design floor drain, Vieser Line floor drain


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