Minimalism in a seaside home

Former NHL ice hockey player Ville Leino and his partner Eveliina Alanne built their dream home on a rocky shore overlooking the Baltic Sea.

The home, located in the municipality of Ingå, in southern Finland, consists of five separate buildings that blend into the rocky coastal landscape. The TV Show Design by Lauri, hosted by Lauri Ylönen, gave viewers an inside look at this stunning house construction project. The couple were aiming for a minimalist overall design, and this is certainly reflected in the beautiful and harmonious end result.

Eveliina, an interior designer herself, brought her vision to life – dark tones accentuated by interesting elements of colour work exceptionally well with the floor-to-ceiling windows and clean lines. The home includes bold, elegant choices, including a bronze kitchen worktop and large glass walls in the bedroom, with a view that opens up onto a massive deck and the coastal bay.

Vieser Line floor drains, in which the grating can be coated as desired, were selected for both shower rooms in the main house. Light-grey microcement is used as the coating material for both the floor and the grating, creating a calm and understated atmosphere that is further complemented by the intimate lighting.

The drains were installed in the typical way for line floor drains, flush against the wall. Other options are to install the drain away from the wall or in the middle of the floor. The major advantage of Vieser Line drains is that the customer can decide on where to place them based purely on their personal preference, as all options are equally easy to install and safe and reliable in terms of waterproofing.

Near the shore, the separate sauna building reflects a Japanese aesthetic, both in the material and design choices. The shower space is crowned with Vieser Kebony, a 60 x 60 cm square wooden design grating over the floor drain. This grating, called Vieser Square Kebony, Bali Edition, is the outcome of a design collaboration between Lauri Ylönen, designer Saku Sysiö of design company Aivan, and Vieser.

The Bali Edition grating, made of narrow strips of dark wood, was designed to create a Bali-inspired vibe in the shower room. The large grating is eye-catching and invites an overall design pallet influenced by the Japanese bathing culture. Vieser’s other themes, such as Oriental , also take their cues from these warm colour schemes and materials. The themes are designed to spark inspiration and serve as a starting point for a range of bathroom design styles. They encourage stepping out of traditional and familiar choices and into slightly bolder and more original solutions where personality is allowed to shine through.

All the floor drains and design covers in Leino and Alanne’s seaside home are Vieser products. The television programme, which aired on the Finnish channel TV5 in autumn 2019, also featured the Vieser One floor drain, which was presented by Vieser Sales Manager Kai Setälä.

The Vieser Square Kebony Bali Edition cover, as well as the tray that is sold separately, can be ordered online, for instance at and All Vieser design covers are available in these online shops. Larger orders can be placed through our project sales department by directly contacting Vieser’s sales team.

General site photos: Kuvagalleria Kotka

Bathroom photos: Lauri Laukkanen