Safely prefabricated bathrooms in Pääskyvuori

YIT is currently building a new apartment building in Pääskyvuori, Turku, the housing company Asunto Oy Turun Pääskynpesä. Bathroom units, prefabricated and ready for installation, were developed by YIT in cooperation with a building unit factory for use in the new apartments. For floor drains, Vieser’s Finnish line floor drain system was chosen, allowing for unidirectional drain slopes and bigger floor tiles. Both family apartments and compact studio apartments will be available at Pääskynpesä. YIT’s new prefabricated building unit products were used for the bathrooms of the apartments. 

“YIT started developing a new bathroom unit product, pursuing new and innovative solutions. Along the way, we found Vieser as our partner in developing a floor drain system for this location,” explains YIT’s Building Systems Planning Manager, Aki Pirttijärvi. 

“The choice was based on Vieser’s commitment to service and a reasonably priced product with good properties,” Pirttijärvi continues.

Factory conditions ensure safety

The prefabricated bathroom building units for Turun Pääskynpesä were manufactured at the factory. There, the bathrooms are fully pre-assembled from parts, weather-proofed, and then installed on location at the same time as the frames. After that, the ready bathroom unit can be opened, already containing all the necessary components. 

“The benefit to this method of implementation is that the prefabricated unit has been fully assembled in the safety of the factory,” Pirttijärvi emphasizes. 

“The benefit to this method of implementation is that the prefabricated unit has been fully assembled in the safety of the factory”

Aki Pirttijärvi, YIT’s Building Systems Planning Manager

The importance of design and domestic origins

In the end, choosing line floor drains came down to esthetics. Many customers prefer slightly larger floor tiles and the general look they bring.

“Hopefully, the prefabricated modular solution will only stand out to the customer in that it is of a higher quality. We hope that they will instead notice the line floor drain and the gorgeous tiles that the solution enabled us to use,” Pirttijärvi says with a smile. 

“Our customers value design very highly. Turun Pääskynpesä is a product sold to consumers, so looks play a huge role. The fact that Vieser is a Finnish company is also big selling point,” Pirttijärvi says.


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