A ‘50s dream home cultivated with style

A Helsinki couple renovated a house from the 1950s that has been passed down through generations into a cosy and comfortable home, staying faithful to the style of the house’s era

A home that exudes history

Some homes make an impression at first glance. This amazing house from the 1950s in the Munkkiniemi area of Helsinki is full of unique, original details and a genuine ‘50s feel. The house’s front steps and door immediately reflect the house’s history and inspire admiration with their uncompromising design and quality.

The original skirting boards and marble window sills are good examples of the owners’ desire to preserve the home’s history.

Past and present hand in hand

The house is full of beautiful details typical of the era, such as winding staircases and deep-set windows, which are generally only seen in older houses. The house’s interior decor has also been carefully considered and remains faithful to the original style. The owner of the home has many childhood memories from his grandparents’ time, and the renovation not only unearthed the house’s true essence, but also helped preserve its original ambiance.

Nowadays the house is home to a rather large family, and its day-to-day functionality, modern building technology and more subtle solutions bring ease and enjoyment to living.

Luxurious spa

One of the home’s treasures is the spa section in the basement. The couple’s aim was to create both a relaxing oasis and a spacious and functional sauna section in connection with the leisure spaces. The bathroom ceiling is dominated by the same dark wooden slats found throughout the rest of the house, and it is beautifully mirrored by the Vieser Dot floor drain cover made of Kebony wood slats. Otherwise, the space exudes serene, light shades of sand, and combined with a large tub and ceiling-mounted rain showers, the spacious bathroom is both intriguingly luxurious and soothingly tranquil.

A visual choice

The oversized floor tiles surrounding the Vieser Dot cover have been cut into segments, resulting in a beautiful and symmetrical division of the floor tiles, as well as an efficient slope for water drainage. The round Dot drain cover on the floor plays a starring role in the bathroom’s interior decoration and, surrounded by the light-coloured, oversized tiles, is an eye-catching element.

The shower room’s backdrop consists of interesting, 50s-inspired narrow and vertical finger tiles that nicely frame the shower area. The drain underneath the Vieser Dot cover also works efficiently when both showers are being used, so the choice of a wooden drain cover could be made entirely on visual grounds to complement the bathroom’s uncompromising style.

High-end design without compromising functionality

Large wood covers, like the Vieser Dot shown here, were made in Finland from ecological and non-toxic wood.

Vieser has placed increasing focus in recent years on incorporating Finnish design into bathroom floor solutions. While our design choices have at times been very bold and outside the mainstream, we have never accepted any compromises on functionality.

This makes impressive visual solutions that actually work well possible. The end result can then be breathtakingly beautiful.


Private apartment, renovation of a detached house from the 50s

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