Natural tones in a lakefront home

The new second home of the singer couple Toni Wirtanen and Jannika B that was featured on the Design by Lauri TV show was inspired by the surrounding natural landscape.

Toni Wirtanen’s and Jannika B’s second home, themed ‘Box on a slope’, as well as the project to build the home, were presented in autumn 2019 on channel TV5 as part of a television series called Design by Lauri. The show focusses on new homes under the Alvardag brand and their construction projects. The couple decided on a Vieser Line floor drain solution with tiled cover for their shower room. The result is an elegant, harmonious floor, in which the floor drain almost disappears – only the edges of the cover give away its existence. The breathtaking wall tile with stone veining rises up from the floor in an otherwise calm and nature-inspired shower room.

The performance properties of Vieser Line floor drains are excellent. The drain cleans itself and has an excellent flow rate, which in practice means that the water drains away quickly from the shower room. Vieser Line has a very long maintenance interval, and when the time comes, cleaning the drain is a breeze and requires no special expertise or tools.

In this home, the drain was installed flush against the back wall of the shower space; other options are to install it slightly away from the wall or in the centre of the floor. Customers can choose where to install the floor drain based purely on their personal preference – in terms of waterproofing, Vieser floor drains are equally reliable and safe installed in any of these places.

You can find more information about the TV show Design by Lauri and about the design collaboration between Vieser and Alvardag here.

General photos of the site: Kuvagalleria Kotka

Photos of Vieser products: Lauri Laukkanen.