Vieser’s elegant design floor drains featured in TV show Design by Lauri

(Vieser Oy, Press release 8 October 2019 / Photograph: Saku Tiainen)

Vieser’s elegant design floor drains featured in TV show Design by Lauri

Design by Lauri, a TV show starting today at 9 p.m. on the Finnish TV channel TV5, will feature a large selection of Vieser’s Finnish design floor drain covers. The show will also feature a new drain cover designed by Lauri Ylönen and designer Saku Sysiö. The cover is a dark square made from Kebony wood, called the Vieser Square, Kebony Bali edition.

Over the course of the autumn, the show, hosted by Lauri Ylönen, will follow the evolution of Finnish celebrities’ holiday homes from a dream, through the construction stage, into a fully realised home. The show will star the holiday homes of Ville Leino and Eveliina Alanne, Toni Wirtanen and Jannika B, and Mikko Kuustonen and Hanna Brotherus. The fourth featured house is a modern fisherman’s hut owned by friends Tommi Korpela and Kari Hietalahti. Vieser provided the floor drain solutions for each of the houses.

Anna Elo, Head of Marketing and Communications at Vieser is enthusiastic about the collaboration with the Design by Lauri show.

“A gorgeous design floor drain can be used to put the finishing touches on a bathroom, but they are not very familiar to many Finns. We can now offer them a glimpse into how our solutions look when installed in actual bathrooms and what interior design dreams can be achieved with the help of our drain covers,” Elo says proudly.

Floor drain with an eastern vibe

A novelty presented in the show is the Vieser Square Kebony Bali edition design floor drain cover created by the show’s host Lauri Ylönen and Saku Sysiö from the design and innovation company Aivan. Sysiö and Vieser Oy are responsible for the technical design of the cover, while Ylönen’s wealth of ideas resulted in the Balinese look of the cover. Kebony Bali Edition complements the Vieser Square series, which includes large-sized cover models manufactured from light-coloured Accoya wood and Dekton sintered stone.

“I wanted to create a cover that will give any bathroom a Balinese outdoor shower vibe. It provides bathrooms with an exotic eastern feel, yet wood is a distinctly Finnish material,” Ylönen explains.

The design cover in question, the Vieser Square Kebony Bali edition, is a 60 x 60-centimetre square drain cover. It is made from dark, water-resistant, durable Kebony wood and is stylistically reminiscent of the wooden slats of Japanese bathhouses. The episodes focussing on the home of Ville Leino and Eveliina Alanne, which will be presented on 19 November and 26 November, will feature the new drain cover in the couple’s Japanese-inspired bathroom.

Floor drains can be spotlighted or merged with their surroundings

The design floor drain cover designed by Ylönen and Sysiö becomes the eye-catcher of the room, but floor drains can also be merged with their surroundings to be practically invisible.

“The Design by Lauri show also features our Vieser Line floor drain model that has been on the markets longer, and which can be tiled over and filled in with, for instance, microcement. The cover replicates the floor surface, adding to the uniformity and harmony of the room. Only its narrow edges reveal its presence. This gives customers visual freedom and options for designing their bathroom,” Elo says.

Vieser has manufactured its Finnish floor drain solutions in Kauhajoki, Ostrobothnia since 1973. More than five million Vieser floor drains have been installed in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. All of Vieser’s drain products can be used in wet rooms and are type-approved.

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