A young couple’s beautiful shower room

Serene, harmonious and cohesive surfaces with Vieser Line floor drain covers in a young couple’s home at the Kouvola Housing Fair, Finland, in summer 2019.

At the Housing Fair in Kouvola (2019), in a detached home called Dekolaku, a Vieser Line floor drain cover frame filled with microcement puts the finishing touch on a shower room with understated grey walls and floor. The black details of the shower room stand out against the cohesive surfaces and lend an edgy quality to the harmonious space.

Besides a microcement grating finish, customers can choose their preferred tile for the Vieser Line floor drain, making it a timeless and elegant choice for those who dream of a cohesive look for their shower room. Another option is an elegant matte black grating made of powder coated stainless steel.

In this beautifully decorated home, the floor drain was situated close to the wall, according to the residents’ wishes. Other installation options are flush against the wall or, for example, in the middle of the floor, in between opposite shower heads. All installation methods are equally reliable and safe in terms of waterproofing. Customers can thus decide where to place the drain based entirely on their personal preference. A single floor drain is sufficient in the shower room, as the extremely efficient flow rate of the Vieser One floor drain that fits with the Vieser Line solution can easily accommodate two shower heads.