Hotel Runo charms visitors in Porvoo

The beautiful boutique hotel has opened at the gates of the old town

The interior alone is an attraction

The centennial Valtimontalo in Porvoo’s Old Town has witnessed a lot in its time. It has housed a printing house, a bank and a cinema. The building has now regained its charming grandeur with the opening of Runo boutique hotel at the beginning of summer.

The mere appearance of the historic building lures you in, but the interior, designed by Joanna Laajisto, is a real attraction in itself. The historical details blend to make a magnificent whole, and the end result is at the same time both stunningly elegant and comfortably cozy.

Luxurious unity with large tiles

The hotel’s style continues in Runo’s rooms where guests can sense the charming serene atmosphere. The bathrooms’ soothing surfaces and elegant details are reminiscent of a spa.

Finnish-made products played a key role in the design. Therefore, the Vieser Line floor drain system was chosen for the shower. The tiled covers blend perfectly into the design. The textured surface of the wall tiles continues on the floor, and the Vieser Line floor drain provides a seamless ensemble. Although the drain is inconspicuous against the beautiful tile surface, it works impeccably and indistinctly.

“When I was choosing the tiled floor drains, there were not very many options to choose from. My criteria were easy maintenance and installation and esthetics. Vieser was the best option for these criteria, so we chose them.

Later, we also found other types of drains at Vieser that perfectly fit the needs of our different facilities. Vieser’s sales and customer service were also memorable.”

Erkka Hirvonen, CEO & general manager,
Runo Hotel

Finland’s most inventive “cold shower”

The attic at Hotel Runo holds a real gem – the Attic Sauna, a rustic experience for all the hotel’s guests. It breathes ambiance and abounds in esthetic and ingenious details.

The shower has a rather inventive “cold shower” in the form of a bucket shower. It is all topped off with the Vieser Square design cover made of Accoya wood. The space arouses all the senses; what would be more thrilling than standing on a warm, comfortable wooden cover while the cold waterfall refreshes you between the steamy stints in the sauna.

A union of design and function

Design has always been an integral part of all our operations. This project is proof that a floor drain cover is not just a technical solution but can be part of a spectacular whole – a beautiful and timeless design product.

Even though we sometimes invest in very bold design solutions, we have never compromised functionality. This characteristic is particularly evident in the hotel. Shower room solutions must be reliable and easy to maintain. Functionality is a key feature of both our design covers and our credited drains.
Easy to install, effortless to clean.
We proudly introduce our own domestic touch to this beautiful and historic whole.