Vieser Line installation options

New Vieser Line installation animation

We have launched a new animated installation video for Vieser Line linear floor drains, making installation of the drains easier than ever.

We sometimes receive questions from our customers regarding the installation of Vieser Line drains. The conditions and situations at construction sites vary, and sometimes a professional may need help in certain areas. And for some people, a linear floor drain is still a new solution and they may need support with high-quality installation and planning.

That is why we have now produced a concise animated video on the installation of Vieser Line drains. The short 2 minute 40 second animation takes the viewer through the installation of a Vieser Line drain, step by step:

Installation of the drain
Installation of the casting frame and pouring of concrete
Positioning of the drain
Tiling and finishing touches
Advantages of a Vieser Line installation and product

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The guidelines for installing a Vieser Line floor drain are the same for both a tiled drain cover and a stainless steel cover. Of course, with a ready-made cover, there is no tiling phase.

Under every Vieser drain cover – including the Vieser Line solution – is Vieser’s efficient and traditional floor drain. The drain is chosen based on the needs of the installation site from Vieser’s wide range of floor drains, which includes solutions for both new construction and renovations.

The advantages of the Vieser Line linear floor drain include not only its easy installation, but also the versatility in where it can be situated. Linear floor drains are typically situated next to the wall, in which case the floor can be sloped in a single direction. Vieser Line can also be situated slightly away from the wall or even in the middle of the floor, taking floor sloping into account.

All installation methods are equally safe in terms of waterproofing; the installation methods are the same, and no additional parts are required.

Support for installation and planning

Also see the comprehensive, product-specific installation instructions for Vieser Line linear floor drains on the product pages. We also have separate detailed tiling instructions.

We additionally offer direct customer support and assistance via email and at the number: +358 20 746 4400.