Milla Alftan built her gorgeous second home in the heart of Häme, in southern Finland, surrounded by pristine natural scenery.

Beauty and practical solutions go hand in hand

The interior designer Milla Alftan has designed homes for other people for years. Her second home, situated in a pristine natural landscape in Häme in southern Finland, is a testimony to the skilled professional’s work, with no compromises, even in the smallest details.

The home’s bathroom is light and spacious, a seamless combination of practical solutions and surfaces and forms that reflect luxury. When it came to floor drains, Milla went with Vieser, and the result is simple, yet elegant and beautiful.

Light and full of life

For the shower, Milla chose Vieser’s linear drain cover Vieser Line. This tiled model is an excellent choice when going for a uniform floor surface. Vieser Line merges perfectly with the rest of the interior and allows the stylish giant wall tiles to get the attention they deserve. The vibrant surface of the floor continues seamlessly in the drain cover, creating a consistent look.

Vieser’s linear drain cover is also a safe choice for a second home because its maintenance is hassle-free and it functions reliably. Vieser’s drains typically have long cleaning intervals.

Vieser Flip tiled cover

The bathroom also contains another Vieser innovation – Vieser Flip. Flip is an excellent choice when you need a small cover, but the floor needs to remain uniform. In this bathroom, Flip reflects the same uniform look as the linear drain cover, in keeping with the beautiful brightness of the space.

The genius of Vieser Flip lies in the possibility to flip it around to the elegant stainless-steel cover on the other side. In this instance, the small tiled cover was the ideal choice to add to the uniform look of the entire bathroom floor, also outside the shower space.

Vieser Flip

Beautiful design and reliability

Throughout, the bathroom was created with the perfect balance of practicality and visuals in mind – without compromise. A life without compromise is also one of Vieser’s core objectives. That is why we wish to develop products that make beautiful design part of bathrooms, without compromising on reliability or the ease of daily living when it comes to the easy maintenance of drains.

This breathtakingly gorgeous bathroom is proof that successful design brings luxury to the everyday and creates joy for a long time to come. Also the installation requires no compromises. Vieser Line and Flip are compatible with all Vieser One drains and they can be located anywhere in a bathroom.


A private apartment, an interior designer's holiday villa in Häme

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