Housing company Turun Fokka

Turku, Finland

Housing company Turun Fokka is located by the historical riverside in Turku. Modern apartments are equipped with high-quality amenities and beautiful bathrooms.

The colours in the apartment bathrooms vary from light to darker, but what most of them have in common is the combination of large tiles and Vieser Line floor drains. From smaller bathrooms, you’ll find classic stainless steel gratings.

Suunnittelulinja Finland Oy carried out the HVAC-planning and the HVAC-contractor was Maskun Talotekniikkatiimi Oy.

Products used

Vieser Line tray 1000

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Vieser Line tray 800

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Vieser Line tiled cover 1000

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Vieser Line tiled cover 800

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Vieser One floor drain DN75 3×32/40 with support legs

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Year: 2024 Type: New building Building type: Housing company Constructor: KS Kodit Oy Contractor: Aura Rakennus Architect: Tom Cederqvist, Arco Architecture Company Oy