Vieser at Stockholm Furniture Fair 5.-9.2.2019

Exceptional designer names behind Vieser x Durat expo booth:
Linda Bergroth, Saku Sysiö and MOST Collective

Finnish design producers Durat and Vieser joined forces with award-winning and world-renowned designer, Linda Bergroth, who created a joint expression of the design assets of both of the companies for the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019.

This inspirational space -a modern hammam concept- will be both rich in colour and abundant, with a combination of the art deco inspired composite material collection DURAT Palace, launched last spring, combined with Vieser’s elegantly streamlined new bathroom solutions that invite home-owners and professionals alike to plan and realize self-expression and uniqueness.

Under the Twist the norms slogan, the booth showcases new exclusive bathroom materials that support sustainable development and modern floor drain design. At the booth, visitors can also get tips on individualistic bathroom solutions that last well into the future.

“At the booth, we strive to free our visitors from the shackles of norms and limited offerings – and open peoples’ eyes to see bathrooms in a new way. With Vieser and Durat, you can build artistically and technically advanced quality bathrooms, that are both individual and follow Scandinavian building requirements. In fact, Vieser sets the standard in this space”, Linda Bergroth says about the starting points for her design.

Touch of elegance and a spark of the unique

Durat Palace was born, when international design agency MOST Collective’s designers Kaori Pi and Geert Decock found Finnish composite material Durat, that lives and breathes sustainability through their use of recycled materials. The ecological product inspired the designer duo to create a new colour collection for the minimalist Scandinavian Durat concept.

”Durat Palace’s core is its dimly sparkling colour dots made from natural colour pigments manufactured at a Dutch colour factory founded in the 18th century and operating in an old windmill. MOST wants to promote sustainable design that spares the environment and does not wear out with time,” Kaori and Geert say.

Floor drain covers as an interior design feature

Vieser’s elegant new cover collections Vieser Dot, Vieser Square and Vieser Line complement the interior design dreams of the most concerning customers. The collections came to life at the hands of Saku Sysiö from Nordic design and innovation agency, Aivan.

”I wanted to change the thinking and create floor drain covers that inspire and facilitate a new way to design, enjoy and, at the end of the day, update bathrooms. In addition to appearance, I focused on design that is tactile; it feels good under your feet,” Saku explains.

To lay foundation for its’ designs, Vieser has 45 years’ experience in making the safest floor drain system on the market. Its inspiring new design expressions always go hand-in-hand with first-class reliability, as well as ease of installation and maintenance. For Vieser, the user experience throughout the life-cycle of its designs is paramount and therefore the goal post always remains at technical mastery combined with world-class design.

Durat – pioneering sustainable development

Durat is a composite material consisting of about 30 percent recycled plastic. The product itself is 100 % recyclable. Thanks to its elegance and durability, it is well suited for kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, shops, laboratories and ships.

Durat is manufactured by crushing the recycled plastic into granules, which creates its original lively and three-dimensional surface with an exclusive silky and warm feel. The material is cast to sheets and various tubs and pools. There is almost three hundred colour tones and nine different prints of Durat. The material is extremely durable and can be renewed by light sanding.

Durat is a Finnish innovation produced in Finland. For over twenty years, Durat has focused on combining recycling and top design.

Vieser – Simply Smart Living

For the past 40 years. Vieser has been a pioneer in developing safe and smart drain and bathroom solutions. At Vieser, we aim to make bathroom products that make people’s everyday life easier and inspire decorators. Vieser offers innovative floor drain alternatives that comply with or exceed the expectations of both professional builders and end users.

Vieser is part of Serres Group, which opened its first unit already in 1973. In 2017, Serres Group’s net sale was €55 million euros. Last year, the group had over 350 employees.