Smart solutions for better living

We started where people don’t tend to look …

Our focus has always been on pioneering solutions that are the most reliable and easy to install, maintain and live with. Over our 45 years we have excelled at problem solving, setting new norms again and again. We have refined the Vieser drain system under the surface, and are creating more and more designs also above the surface.

…now we expand further to define tomorrow’s bathrooms.

The homes we plan, dream and create are influenced by change all around us. We want our homes to reflect our identities, and that means that tomorrow’s bathrooms should give more space for self expression. That is why Vieser focuses on smart solutions for better living. We want to offer you more design options for tailoring and changing your interior on your own terms. All to allow simply smart living.

“For over four decades we have focused on customer- centric product design, creating meticulously thought-through, reliable products, which ease our customers’ everyday experience. Now we aim even higher. With smarter solutions and evolved designs, we support people’s interior design dreams and encourage inspired, sustainable, choices. Together with our partners, we set the norms for the bathrooms of tomorrow.”
–Annika Jyllilä-Vertigans, CEO, Vieser