The new reality of the bathroom – #twistthenorms

The designs and materials of Vieser’s new, streamlined floor drain ranges, enable a new way of thinking and more creative choices. This new era in bathroom design enables more individual, practical and ethical choices, all beautifully enchanting. Let your creativity and self-expression flow, and be seen. Surprise yourself.

“We focus strongly on customer-centric product design and practical, functional products that ease the everyday lives of our customers – but that is not enough. We also want our range to support people’s interior design dreams and inspire them to make visionary choices. In the bathroom, you spend time alone, soak calmly in the bathtub and relax. It is important that the space pleases the eye, feels harmonious and uplifts your life.” Annika Jyllilä-Vertigans, CEO, Vieser.

A visual feast of shapes, materials and colours
Vieser’s new, luxurious Urban, Expressive and Nature design floor drain models are not mere necessities; rather, they add a final luxurious touch to your bathroom design.

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