Linear Floor Drain – a Stylish and Easy-Care Solution

Nokkala Seaside, a housing co-operative in Matinkylä, Espoo, is about to be finished right by the shopping mall Iso Omena, an underground station, and a beach.

All 77 apartments divided in three staircases of this condominium constructed by Hausia have been sold. During the construction phase, special attention was paid to quality and sustainability. The stylish and easy-care linear floor drains by Vieser were chosen for bathrooms.

Hausia is an Espoo-based operator who builds apartments around the capital region. The objective is to build high-quality homes in a cost-effective fashion that retain and increase in value. Activities are guided by responsibility, innovations, and sustainable development.

– Hausia is the biggest constructor of apartments in Espoo. We focus solely on the production of apartment buildings, states Jyri Kajander, the master-in-chief of the Nokkala seaside worksite.

Cost-Effective Solution

When the most suitable floor drains for the bathrooms at Nokkala Seaside were under consideration, Hausia ended up with two different options for suppliers. Vieser was one of these suppliers.

– We decided to go with Vieser due to their more cost-effective solution, recalls Kajander.

The linear floor drain solution by Vieser is easy-care for the resident. The service interval is very long, and once the time for cleaning arrives, the cleaning method itself is quite effortless and quick – it does not demand any memorization or special competences. The water flows into the floor drain from nearly indiscernible gaps in an efficient and quick manner.

Linear Floor Drain Promotes Style

In addition to being easy-care solutions, these tiled linear floor drains are also stylish. They are nearly undistinguishable from tiled bathroom flooring. This indistinguishability precisely is the reason for the product’s stylish appearance.

– Linear floor drains are stylish. The apartments in this site are quite expensive, and these floor drains add significance to the price of the apartment, remarks Viljar Letlane, master of internal operations at the Nokkala Seaside site.

Cooperation with Vieser has been smooth. Communication has been flowing in both directions, and possible issues have been solved effortlessly in cooperation.

– The information flow has been fast, remarks Letlane in a thankful tone.

– Our desire is to use only high-quality materials. These bathrooms are incredibly stylish, and some of the apartments also include a sauna. In my opinion, these bathrooms are the soul of these apartments, if you don’t mind me saying, describes Kajander.


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