Vieser Line tray eccentric 1000


The Nordic linear floor drain system, Vieser Line, consists of a tray and a cover. The Vieser Line tray functions as the frame of the cover and can be used with all Vieser Line covers of the same length.

The benefits of Vieser Line

Flexible placement options
Compatible with all Vieser One floor drains
Quick, easy and safe installation
The adjustable frame provides an adjustment margin of 15 mm
Vieser Line can safely be located anywhere on a bathroom floor. Next to a wall, near a wall or in the centre of the floor and multiple floor drains side by side. Read more about Vieser Line’s characteristics.

The tray is also available as a version where the floor drain is located in the middle of the tray.

See all of the cover and tray options.

Vieser’s drain and cover combination comes with a
10-year system guarantee.

Easy to install

Watch the short installation animation.

Vieser Line anchoring set facilitates and speeds up the installation of Vieser’s linear floor drains when installation takes place on reinforced concrete on ground.

Be sure to also check out our references to see the wide range of examples of how Vieser Line has been installed

Avainlippu Design From Finland
Vieser no6005504
MaterialStainless steel (AISI 304)
Product dimensions995 x 197 x 23 mm
Package dimensions1023 x 258 x 108 mm
Package weight4 kg

Vieser Line Core grating 1000

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Vieser Line tiled cover 1000

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