50 years of innovative business and growth

As part of the PAREE Group, Vieser is celebrating its fifty-year journey.

First of April 1973 in a small Finnish village of Kauhajoki, the very first part of our company was established. Originally by the name Muovi-Serres, Jyllilä, Säntti Ky. The company’s mission was to solve customer problems with innovative new solutions combining new material and new production technology with -what now seem to be modern start up techniques- fast prototyping and user-inclusive innovation methodology. Soon after the Vieser floor drains were born with a promise to prolong the lifecycle of buildings, replacing cast iron drains that were prone to leak and cause water damage. The product category’s name, Vieser, was derived with an Ostrobothnian twinkle in the eye, from the words “viemäröintituotteita Serrekseltä” – sewerage products from Serres.

Since those days we have grown into a group of companies ranging from drains to hospital technologies. Together we are Paree Group. Today we are celebrating the journey and the future together with all the sister companies and our founders!

“We have an incredible history and a foundation of experience to lean on: 50 years of successful business, across multiple sectors and geographies. We have grown from one local entity to a family of companies, 450 people strong with impact on a global scale – it’s been a tremendous journey and one worth celebrating. Yet, it’s still far more interesting what we will do with the next 50 years, and the next”, Annika Jyllilä-Vertigans, CEO of Vieser and family owner of Paree group.

Vieser offers unique design covers and high-quality floor drain solutions to inspire professional builders as well as interior designers and homeowners. Vieser’s products have been manufactured in Ostrobothnia, Finland since 1973. Vieser’s floor drains are installed in approximately seven million bathrooms and the company has operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.