Beautiful and insightful bathrooms

Vieser’s floor drain covers complete the stylish bathrooms, built by Franssila.

Franssila Kylpyhuoneet Oy, a company specialized in bathroom renovations, located in Pirkanmaa, Finland, has been implementing spectacular, different bathroom entities for years. The company’s 99% customer satisfaction underlines the level of quality and professionalism. Vieser has a role in several stunning bathroom entities. Bathrooms are highlighted by traditional Vieser gratings but also with Vieser Line floor drain covers. These cover options have been used to finalize the bathrooms to a perfection.

Designed and manufactured in Finland, Vieser Line line drain allows many different finishing options and placements in the bathroom. Most typically, it is installed right by the wall, allowing the fall of the floor to be carried out in one direction. This enables the use of the popular large floor tile. The floor drain can be installed next to the wall or slightly away from the wall – the choice can be made on purely visual grounds, as both methods of installation are equally secure and safe.

In these renovated bathrooms Vieser Line floor covers has been covered in two different ways. In the first bathroom, Vieser Line cover is tiled with the same tile used on the bathroom floor. Vieser Line can also be coated with for example resin coating as has been done in second bathroom. The resin coating creates a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom. A similar effect has been made by tiling over the Vieser Line floor drain cover, which makes the drain cover almost invisible and creates a unified floor surface. With Vieser’s solutions there is no compromise between form and functionality. Underneath the design cover, the traditional, highly efficient Vieser One floor drain takes care of the functionality, like in all Vieser’s floor drain systems.

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