Vieser Lauha x Joanna Laajisto

We take a shower about 16,000* times in our lifetime. So it does really matter what kind of moments we spend in our bathroom. At best, lingering under the shower can be an enjoyable ritual. A moment of showering or bathing offers a moment of private time that recharges and nourishes. We at Vieser want to bring something more to that moment. The water is gentle, the senses are awake.

Feeling calm – here is good.

Enjoy the new collection!

Vieser Lauha x Laajisto – A gentler life

Vieser Lauha x Laajisto products are designed to be appropriate and adaptable. The products take place in the everyday life of the home, and serve in many different needs.

In addition to the bathroom, it is possible to take them with you to other places where life happens. A towel rack can dry swimmers’ towels on the terrace, a shower stool serves as a side table while enjoying afternoon tea.

The products are designed and manufactured in Finland. Their first-class carpentry and finished details create a neat end result.

Kebony wood is warm and timeless as a choice, and it will stand the test of time – thanks to both its appearance and properties.

“I strive for expediency in my design work. In order to be born, a product must have a justification – both visually, functionally and also in terms of its quality. When designing the Vieser Lauha products, I wanted to strive for classicism, which will last not only in terms of the materials themselves but also in terms of their aesthetics. I am also particularly pleased with the high-quality woodwork, the products are beautifully finished. When the design process has been carefully considered from the beginning to the very last stages, the created products have not only justification but also meaning.”

Interior architect and designer
Joanna Laajisto

The Vieser Lauha selection


Vieser Lauha stool

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Vieser Lauha wall rack

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Vieser Lauha towel rack

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