Vieser Line tray 900


The Vieser Line tray 900 mm is a stainless steel tray for the linear floor drain system.

The Vieser Line linear drain system consists of three parts, sold separately: a tray, cover, and Vieser floor drain, chosen according to the floor structure.

  • The adjustable frame provides an adjustment margin of 15 mm
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Long maintenance interval
  • Flexible placement options: Next to a wall, near a wall, in the centre of the floor or multiple drain covers side by side.
  • Compatible with all Vieser floor drains

The Vieser Line anchoring set facilitates and speeds up the installation of Vieser’s linear floor drains when installation takes place on a ground-bearing concrete slab.

Please see the structural drawings for different floor structures in our material bank.

The package contains a tray, casting frame and accessories.

Avainlippu Design From Finland
Vieser no6005499
MaterialStainless steel (AISI 304)
Packaging (box/pallet)30
Product dimensions197 x 895 x 23mm
Product weight3.6 kg

Vieser Line tray eccentric 900

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