Vieser One floor drain DN50 1×32 extra low with support legs


The lowest floor drain on the market 69 mm

The Vieser One horizontal extra low floor drain is the lowest floor drain on the market, with a flow rate of 1.2 l/s The low structure is a significant benefit in both renovations and new construction.

Thanks to the efficient flow rate, the drain is suitable for use in both showers and bathtubs, and it is compatible with all Vieser drain covers and extension rings. The drain has one 32 mm side inlet.

Water trap based on membrane technology

The water trap is based on innovative membrane technology. The traditional water space is replaced with an airtight membrane water trap that opens as the water flows and closes when it stops, preventing sewer gases from entering the room.

The membrane water trap, made from silicone rubber, has a long life and functions reliably in different temperatures and conditions.

Hygienic and quiet

The membrane water trap of the extra low drain is very hygienic, as it does not collect impurities. Dirt is swept away with the water flow. If necessary, the water trap can be removed and lifted up.

The waterless membrane trap is silent in use. It is also an excellent option for spaces that experience problems with the water trap drying out.

The Vieser One floor drain is compatible with Vieser’s traditional gratings and Vieser’s design covers:

Vieser Line (linear floor drain system)
Vieser Dot (design floor drain system)
Vieser Square (design floor drain system)
Vieser Corner (corner floor drain system)
The watertightness and proper functioning of Vieser floor drains have been proven through rigorous tests according to the standard EN 1253-2, on which the type approvals granted by RISE are also based. Vieser’s drain and cover combination comes with a 10-year system guarantee.

The package includes the drain, water trap, casting shield, clamping ring, support legs and a tool for installing the clamping ring.

Vieser no6004513
MaterialPolypropylene PP
Packaging (box/pallet)10/80, 10/80
Virtaama1,2, 1,2 l/s
Product dimensions355 x 211 x 69 mm
Product diameter150 mm
Package weight0.8 kg
Product dimensions355 x 211 x 69 mm
Product diameter150 mm
Package dimensions355 x 250 x 70 mm
Package weight0.8 kg

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