A warm tropical breeze caresses your skin. Refreshing water drops from the shower. The exotic and the everyday in perfect harmony.
Vieser Kebony Square Bali edition in the bathroom

Your bathroom, your style. Eastern exoticism is strongly reflected in the Oriental theme décor, whose serene atmosphere and warm colour scheme evoke the bathing culture of the East.

Vieser Kebony Dot

The design floor gratings made of dark Kebony wood take on a new role, adding an interesting detail to the space and transporting one’s thoughts to a Japanese-inspired spa.

Vieser Square Kebony Bali edition cover

The collaboration is proving fruitful. Designer Saku Sysiö of design company Aivan, Lauri Ylönen of architecture company Alvardag and Vieser joined forces, and the outcome is a unique design: the Vieser Square Kebony Bali edition floor drain grating. Read more about the collaboration here. 


“I wanted to create a drain grating that will give any bathroom a Balinese outdoor shower vibe. The grating combines Eastern exoticism with a very Finnish material – wood.”
Lauri Ylönen
The floor grating can be seen in the 2019 season of the TV show Design by Lauri.
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Design floor drain
Vieser Square
Design floor drain
Vieser Line
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