Vieser renewed its entire range of square floor drain gratings

Vieser’s tried-and-true Finnish drain gratings get a new look

Vieser renewed its entire range of square floor drain gratings this spring. Like the company’s other products, the grating range has been designed and is manufactured in Finland, and some of the new grating designs bear the signature of the Finnish design agency Aivan.

Type approval guarantees load resistance

Alongside elegant design, functional reliability is a characteristic that we never compromise on. The outcome of the long-term development work on the new gratings is the type approval granted to the products. The type approval covers load resistance of up to 300 kg, and the gratings’ excellent flow properties have been proven in tests. Every grating in the range is strong and sturdy underfoot and remains firmly in place year after year.

The product package includes either a plastic frame or an adjustable steel frame. The adjustable steel frame provides a major advantage in installation. It considerably facilitates the tiling work, as the steel frame can be adjusted up to 15 mm off-centre, giving a total adjustment range of 30 mm during installation.

Black grating adds character to the bathroom

Black is currently one of the hottest colours for bathroom faucets. Vieser’s new grating range includes two black gratings. They are made from the same solid stainless steel, but with a powder-coated black finish. In combination with other black hardware details in a shower room, the black grating brings a balanced harmony to the space.

Design shines through entire product range

“In recent years, Vieser has focussed strongly on Finnish design in its products, and with this grating update we wanted to bring a new look and a touch of luxury also to these products that are considered part of our basic product range. The black grating option is a fine addition to our product range, and it also brings greater harmony to bathroom decor that features this on-trend colour,” says Vieser’s Head of Products and Design, Janina Ollberg.

All of the gratings are compatible with Vieser One floor drains.

Finnish company Vieser offers unique design covers and high-quality floor drain solutions for the needs of construction professionals and interior designers and to inspire and delight homeowners. The products have been manufactured in Ostrobothnia, Finland, since 1973. Around six million Vieser floor drains have been installed and Vieser is active in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.