Vieser at the Architect@work event in Oslo

Vieser, a Finnish company specialising in design floor drains, will be at the Architect@work trade event for architects in Oslo from 29th to 30th September.

The theme of the fair is new innovations. Vieser’s booth features floor drain covers which have been granted, for example, a Fennia Prize honourable mention for their high-quality design. The products to be presented at the booth are the Vieser Dot cover in Accoya wood and the dark Vieser Square cover in Kebony wood. The starting point for the design of the innovations is the longevity, durability and good functionality of the materials in daily use and, as a key element, their eco-friendliness.

Wood is experiencing a new renaissance in interior design. Vieser is the first in the Nordic countries to introduce wood as a floor drain cover material that also meets specific HVAC demands. The products are made of genuine wood, manufactured sustainably, and treated with a natural product. The treatment gives them properties that help them endure in a technically challenging space. The Design products focus strongly on the user experience; the wood surface feels soft and warm underfoot and the water spatters softly on the wooden drain covers, creating a peaceful soundscape. Thus, instead of just routine, each shower moment can be a “me-moment” that makes every day that much more luxurious.

The first-class, meticulous design of the products also allows for freedom of expression. The floor drain cover serves as a design element and is designed to withstand the test of time and changing trends and styles. The modularity of the drain covers brings an added dimension: when making their selection, the only long-term commitment the customer makes is the shape of the cover. As long as the cover is the same shape, the customer can replace the visible part, i.e. the cover, with one of a different colour or material themselves – there is no need to change any other part of the drain – thus avoiding a costly renovation. Tiled versions of the covers of the same shape are also available, as well as other covers of an entirely different shape, such as the linear floor drain Vieser Line.

“We know that ambitious and insightful bathroom design thrives in Norway, and there are a lot of well-informed customers that wish to have beautiful design elements, longevity and sustainable products in their bathrooms. Vieser is able to meet these expectations with its products and provide an exciting option with reliable functionality and easy installation to bathroom interiors in Norway,” says Jens Persson, Head of Sales, Vieser Scandinavia.

Come join us at our booth 82 for a closer look at our products.

Finnish company Vieser offers unique design floor drain covers and high-quality floor drain solutions for the needs of construction professionals and interior designers and to inspire and delight homeowners. Vieser’s products have been manufactured in Ostrobothnia, Finland since 1973. Around six million Vieser floor drains have been installed and Vieser is active in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.