Vieser at the 2021 Housing Fair in Lohja

This summer’s Housing Fair is taking place in Lohja, in the lakeside setting of the Hiidensalmi Housing Fair area. The main themes of the Housing Fair this year are sustainability, smooth daily life and overall well-being.

The themes are well featured in the building solutions. The area of detached homes includes numerous wood-framed houses with a small carbon footprint. In addition, for many of the homes the aim was to build with as little plastic as possible, and for example wood-fibre materials were favoured instead.

The Finnish Vieser Line drain was chosen for many bathrooms of the Housing Fair’s homes. Beautiful materials were used in the bathrooms, and Vieser Line, the ideal choice for harmonious surfaces and large tiles, can be seen in a variety of solutions, both tiled and filled with resin. One of Vieser’s latest innovations, Vieser Flip, can also be spotted in one of the homes. You can find more information about the homes at the Fair on the Housing Fair’s website.

You can check out the Vieser Line floor drains in the following houses at the Fair:

8. Talo Sensu

13. Jukkatalo Jalava

16. Designtalo Idyll

You can also check out Vieser Flip in Designtalo Idyll.

The Fair is open from 9 July–8 August 2021, and like last year, visitors must book their visiting time when they purchase a ticket.

Read more about Vieser at the Housing Fair here.

Finnish company Vieser offers unique design covers and high-quality floor drain solutions for the needs of construction professionals and interior designers and to inspire and delight homeowners. The products have been manufactured in Ostrobothnia, Finland, since 1973. Around six million Vieser floor drains have been installed and Vieser is active in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.