Environmental Product Declarations granted for Vieser’s four product groups

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a third-party verified report that presents the environmental impacts of a product throughout its lifecycle.

EPDs are increasingly required in the construction sector as they allow the detailed environmental assessment of different building materials. EPDs follow the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology and provide standardized data on, for example, emissions related to materials processing and manufacturing. EPDs are valid for five years.

EPDs granted for extension rings, floor drains, gratings and linear floor drains

Vieser’s product group specific EPDs list all the extension rings, floor drains, gratings, and linear floor drains that are covered by the EPDs. The EPDs comply with the ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards and are available at EPD library maintained by The International EPD® System program. All four EPDs are also available in the material bank on our website:

Download Vieser’s EPD for extension rings here. (EPD registration number: S-P-11693.)

Download Vieser’s EPD for floor drains here. (EPD registration number: S-P-05962.)

Download Vieser’s EPD for gratings here. (EPD registration number: S-P-11691.)

Download Vieser’s EPD for linear floor drains here. (EPD registration number: S-P-11692.)

EPDs are a step forward in our sustainability work

At Vieser, sustainability initiatives are at the core of our business strategy, and we are committed to taking concrete steps toward a better future.

“The EPDs help our clients to receive reliable, transparent, and up-to-date information about the environmental impact of our products,” says Janina Ollberg, Head of Portfolio, Supply Chain & Sustainability.

Read more about our sustainability here.