Vieser Oy

We at Vieser have been committed to superior design and smart solutions for over 40 years. We manufacture innovative drain and grating solutions that meet and exceed the demands of our professional customers as well as those of our end users, the home owners. Vieser is a part of Serres Group – a family of companies, the first one of which was founded in 1973. The net sales of Serres Group amounted to €30 million in 2016, and the company employed more than 180 people.

Nordic design

As a Finnish family company with roots in the Osthrobothian workmanship, we place utmost value on the quality we offer to our customers and as a testament to our efforts, we are the clear market leader in Finland and hold strong positions in other Nordic markets too – our customers choose our products again and again.

Solutions you can trust 100 %

Vieser offers innovative solutions for all domestic sanitary facilities. Vieser invests heavily into customer-centric product design and into innovating practical, functional products that help the every-day life of our customers. Vieser’s extensive product portfolio consists of floor drain systems, grating systems and a variety of related devices and accessories.

Red dot – award winning design

The Vieser floor drain portfolio includes the uniquely innovative Vieser One floor drain product family. The practical design and versatile properties of Vieser One floor drains permit their use in a variety of applications. Vieser One floor drains are very easy and quick to install, and they have received the highly valued international Red Dot design award.

Elegant and customizable

Vieser continuously develops new products to offer its customers the best solutions for their needs offering unbeatable quality and durability. We place high value on the design of our products and continuously seek to serve the market with elegant surface solutions that belong in the modern homes.

‘The smartest in the market’

We will continue to develop innovative products to offer our customers the best and most functional solutions for their day-to-day needs. At Vieser we believe that nothing is impossible and everything can be done a little bit smarter. Smart with water. Smarter with Vieser.

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