Yellow cabs honking. The distant murmur of restless bustle. A few rugged details bring the big city to you.
Experientiality, beauty and durable materials provide endless creative ways to decorate bathrooms. The small details in bathrooms mean a lot. Urban collection. Streamlined and functional.
"Let’s take pride in this necessity of the bathroom, turning it into a virtue and making it desirable."
—Arni Aromaa
Arni Aromaa is a founding partner of Pentagon Design, and has been Creative Director there since 1996. He worked on the Vieser designs together with Senior Designer Jari-Petri Voutilainen. Pentagon is a leading Nordic design agency, built on a belief in clarity, quality and creativity.
Vieser Dot
Design floor drain
Vieser Square
Design floor drain
Vieser Line
Line drain