Vieser Square Kebony 600 Bali edition


Vieser Square Kebony, Bali Edition, is a 600 x 600 mm design floor drain cover. It is made from dark, water-resistant, durable Kebony wood and is stylistically reminiscent of the wooden slats used in Japanese bathhouses.

Kebony is wood that has been treated using natural methods. Although the treatments provide the covers with a natural protection, we recommend treating the wooden covers with a protective agent once or twice a year.
The Vieser Square floor drain system consists of two separate parts: a tray and the chosen cover. In addition, the Vieser floor drain that is right for the floor drain system is sold separately:

Choose the Vieser Square 600 x 600 mm tray that is right for your Vieser Square floor drain system
Choose the Vieser floor drain that is right for your Vieser Square floor drain system

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Vieser’s drain and cover combination comes with a 10-year system guarantee.

A novelty presented in the Design by Lauri TV show is the Vieser Square Kebony, Bali Edition, design floor drain cover created by the show’s host, Lauri Ylönen, and Saku Sysiö, of the design and innovation company Aivan. Sysiö and Vieser Oy are responsible for the technical design of the cover, while Ylönen’s wealth of ideas resulted in the Balinese look of the cover. Kebony Bali Edition complements the Vieser Square series, which includes large cover models manufactured from light-coloured Accoya wood and Dekton sintered stone.

“I wanted to create a cover that will give any bathroom a Balinese outdoor shower vibe. It provides bathrooms with an exotic eastern feel, yet wood is a distinctly Finnish material,” Ylönen explains.

Avainlippu Design From Finland
Vieser no6001192
MaterialKebony, oiled
Packaging (box/pallet)10
Product dimensions583 x 583 x 17 mm
Package dimensions660 x 660 x 45 mm
Package weight12.5 kg

Vieser Square tray 600

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