Vieser Dot tiled grating 600


One cover option for the Vieser Dot Design floor drain system is Vieser Dot ⌀600mm with tiled cover.

*The Vieser Dot floor drain system consists of two separate parts: a tray and the chosen cover. In addition, the Vieser floor drain that is right for the floor drain system is sold separately:

Choose the Vieser Dot ⌀600mm tray that is right for your Vieser Dot floor drain system
Choose the Vieser floor drain that is right for your Vieser Dot floor drain system
The made-in-Finland Vieser Dot tiled cover is an elegant choice for those who want a drain that blends in seamlessly with the floor. The cover can be tiled to match the rest of the bathroom’s tiling/surfaces (e.g. microcement, resin) so it blends with surrounding floor. The cover can also be highlighted by choosing entirely different tiling for it.

The big cover permits to use big floor tile. You get beautiful and symmetrical finishing with cutting big tiles into segments as in the example picture.

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Compatibility with all Vieser One floor drains means that you can choose either a vertical, horizontal or untrapped floor drain, thereby also guaranteeing quick and easy installation.
With Vieser One drains, you can also make use of three DN32/40 side inlets for the floor drain to facilitate the placement of the drain and the installation of the pipeline.
Suitable for both new construction and renovations.
The watertightness and proper functioning of the floor drain have been proven in rigorous tests conducted according to the standard EN 1253-2, on which the Vieser One floor drain type approvals are also based. (Vieser One floor drain type approval)
The compatibility and watertightness of Vieser One floor drains and the liquid-applied waterproofing of wet spaces have been proven in tests conducted according to the standard EN 1253-1, on which Vieser’s product certificates are also based. (Vieser One and Vieser product certificate).
Compatibility with Vieser One floor drains offers the user an easy-to-remove water trap that is easy to clean and reinstall
Vieser’s drain and cover combination comes with a 10-year system guarantee.

Avainlippu Design From Finland
Vieser no6003646
MaterialStainless steel (AISI 304)
Product dimensions583 x 583 x 17 mm
Package dimensions660 x 660 x 45 mm
Package weight6.5 kg

Vieser Dot tray 600

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