Product upgrade: Casting shield of recycled plastic 

Vieser starts using recycled plastic in the production of casting shields and thus takes first steps towards circular economy. Increasing the use of recycled plastic in production is one of Vieser’s main sustainability goals. Work has now started on the parts that support the use of the main products, floor drains.

The floor drain is fitted with a casting shield which is intended to prevent grout and filler from entering the floor drain. Now these blue lids that are familiar to professionals around Nordics are made of recycled plastic.

Production of the new casting shields has already started which means that all Vieser floor drains manufactured from the middle of May 2024 have new recycled plastic casting shields with them. Floor drains with these new shields will appear at distributors and retailers during this year depending on the turnover rate of the products.

First steps towards circular economy 

One of Vieser’s key objectives is the transition from using virgin plastic to recycled plastic which can also be recycled. Casting shield change influences Vieser’s carbon footprint positively. Due to the change the use of virgin plastics in the production will degrease with 4 000 kg. Since the casting shield is just a part of the entire floor drain, this has an equally small impact on the total emissions, but still, it is one more step to the right direction on the company’s sustainability roadmap. 

“Regarding our main product category, the drains themselves, we are looking forward to the results and progress of the durability tests of the recycled plastics. Floor drains must last at least as long as the bathrooms, even longer, therefore the durability of the materials used in manufacturing the drains must be really high”, Janina Ollberg Head of Portfolio & Sustainability at Vieser explains. 

The promotion of the circular economy continues as, together with Paree Group’s other subsidiaries, we strive to minimize the amount of waste and increase the use of recycled materials in production and packaging processes. 

More information 

Janina Ollberg, Head of Portfolio & Sustainability

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