Newest shower room arrival is big and beautiful!

Small design features in a shower room can transform the look of the space. Vieser is the first company to introduce an entirely new floor drain concept – oversized design covers – on the Nordic markets. The innovation completely changes the visible role of this technical solution, i.e. floor drain covers. These large design covers were made to be seen and bring an interesting and personal element to shower room design.

The previously launched round Vieser Dot and square Vieser Square covers have been available in a treated wood material that is suitable for use in shower rooms (Accoya and Kebony wood). After listening closely to customers’ wishes, Vieser is now introducing entirely new tiled versions of Vieser Dot and Vieser Square design gratings. The covers are the same size as the wooden covers: the diameter of the circular grating is 60 centimetres, and the sides of the square covers are 60 centimetres.

Tiled covers

These tiled design covers give consumers an entirely new opportunity to transform the look of their shower room floor. The metal tray that serves as the grating can accommodate nearly any floor material or tile. The tile is fixed to the cover tray using either mortar or tile glue. The Vieser Line rectangular grating model, which has been on the market for several years now and is available in different lengths, functions according to the exact same principle but is typically installed near or flush against the wall. Vieser Dot and Vieser Square, however, are designed for the middle of the floor and as a complement to rainfall showerheads that are the same shape (i.e. round or square). And the idea is that you can stand under the shower head on these stable and elegant covers. Now, the long-awaited combination of these oversized covers with large floor tiles is possible, bringing an especially elegant overall look to shower rooms. A 60 x 60 cm floor tile and seam spacing, for example, blends in beautifully with a cover of the same dimensions.

One major advantage of the tiled cover is the range of possibilities it offers: once they have chosen their preferred floor tile, consumers can opt for the same tile for the cover, and the effect will be that the cover blends in seamlessly with the surrounding floor tiles. Another option is to play with patterns and highlight the cover with a different tile. The cover can be tiled with a single large stone tile or small tiles, and even mosaic tiles. The cover tray can alternatively be filled with other materials, such as microcement or resin.

Elegant design with no compromises

The Vieser Square and Dot covers were created by Finnish designer Saku Sysiö. Vieser’s design products have always been based strongly on functionality. All of the design covers are compatible with the Vieser One floor drain – and no special parts are required. More than six million Vieser One floor drains have been installed and, according to our customers, it is quick and brilliantly simple to install.

Customers have praised the drains for their low maintenance. The flow of Vieser floor drains can even accommodate two rainfall showers. Good flow properties generally do not come to mind at the time of purchase, but they are very important in terms of usability and maintenance. Most people want to avoid getting the entire shower room floor wet or cleaning the water trap of a clogged drain every week. Vieser floor drains require cleaning on average once or twice a year.

The product package for Vieser’s oversized design covers comes with a tool for lifting up the cover, so that even a large cover can be easily and ergonomically lifted for periodic inspection. The floor drain cover must, above all, be durable and stable, as the shower room must be safe for everyone, including, for example, wheelchair users.

“Our goal is to offer products that support people’s design goals and which inspire them to make bolder choices when renovating their shower rooms. The starting point must be that the products in use are durable and safe and have the required type approvals. We want to offer high-quality design and efficiency, without compromising installation and maintenance integrity.”

– Annika Jyllilä-Vertigans, CEO, Vieser

Finnish company Vieser offers unique design gratings and high-quality floor drain solutions for the needs of construction professionals and interior designers and to inspire and delight homeowners. The products have been manufactured in Ostrobothnia, Finland, since 1973. Around six million Vieser floor drains have been installed and Vieser is active in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.