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Annika Jyllilä‐Vertigans appointed to Design Forum Finland’s Board of Directors

Vieser’s CEO Annika Jyllilä‐Vertigans has been elected to the Board of Directors of Design Forum Finland, a non-profit organisation that promotes Finnish design. Design Forum Finland supports the growth, global competitiveness and success of Finnish companies and organisations by promoting the use of design, especially on a strategic level.

Under the leadership of Jyllilä‐Vertigans, Vieser has in recent years strongly brought design to the core of its strategy and has set out to systematically develop its design competence into an organisational capability.

The outcome of Vieser’s strong focus on design and design collaboration is the company’s design range of drain covers, the success of which is reflected in the honourable mention granted to the innovative Vieser Dot drain cover made of Accoya wood in last year’s Fennia Prize 20 design competition.

“I am eager to step into this role to help support Finnish companies harness design as a strategic capability and a growth engine. The world around us is changing, and customer needs are evolving along with it. Excellent functionality is important in products, but functional quality is increasingly an expected value and no longer a competitive edge. Creating new value for customers also calls for new approaches, new contacts and diverse competence. As a messenger of those qualities, Design Forum Finland does wonderful work. As an entrepreneur in a family business, it is my great pleasure and honour to be able to continue the work that I value by being on the DFF Board – to do my part to promote the value creation and growth of Finnish companies,” says Annika Jyllilä‐Vertigans.

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Finnish company Vieser offers unique design floor drain covers and high-quality floor drain solutions for the needs of construction professionals and interior designers and to inspire and delight homeowners. The products have been manufactured in Ostrobothnia, Finland, since 1973. Around six million Vieser floor drains have been installed, and Vieser is active in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.