Light and shades of wood in the bathroom

A fabulous dream bathroom became a reality in a Gothenburg home.
Natural shades and light

Some bathrooms impress you at first sight. The bathroom in a home located in Härryda, a town near Gothenburg, Sweden is one of them. Spacious and bright, the bathroom echoes beautiful, natural shades and emanates peace and timeless style.  

The large floor tiles are complimented with Vieser’s beautiful Accoya wooden floor drain covers. These Vieser Square design covers are 60x60 cm in size. Their impressive size gives the bathroom a distinctive appearance which will not go unnoticed.

The large size and solid structure provide a steady place to stand under the shower.  The warm and pleasant wood surface feels delightful underfoot. The Accoya wooden grate drain covers are treated with non-toxic substances to last in wet places. They are also an excellent choice when you want large tiles in the bathroom.

Everyday luxury

The philosophy behind Vieser’s design drain covers is to add a touch of luxury and spa atmosphere in people’s everyday lives. The bathroom is the place many people start, and end, their day. Therefore, it is important to consider the moments spent there and the choices that influence those moments. For example, soundscape changes when the water spatters on the wooden drain covers. It reminds you of the relaxed mood on a summer pier.

The large Vieser Square covers are designed to be stood on under rain shower heads. The Accoya wood covers are available white-waxed or oiled in warm shades.   Darker Kebony wood alternatives are also available, as well as a tiled cover of the customer’s desired tile type. The idea is to fulfil the customer’s vision and put a finishing touch on the dream bathroom with just the right solution.  

Design without compromises

For this reason, all of Vieser’s design drain covers are compatible with the Vieser floor drain solution. They have been designed for compatibility and easy installation. Vieser’s floor drains are type-approved, and over six million of them have been installed throughout the Nordic countries. 

The Vieser Square design floor drain in the picture is the perfect combination of design and functionality.

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Implementation: A3Byggprojekt

Photographs: @fotografanders

Products used

Vieser Square 600x600mm Accoya, Waxed - Cover