Fresh new look for bathrooms

At the Kouvola Housing Fair in summer 2019, many new design floor drain gratings could be seen in the Talo Aito home.
Vieser Square Accoya

The large tile size and a colour palette that is slightly darker than the overall tones of the house lend a spa-like feel to the spacious bathroom presented in Talo Aito at the Kouvola Housing Fair. The luxurious space is crowned with a Vieser Square Kebony dark wood grating. In the house’s separate sauna building, there are also two Vieser Square gratings made of light-coloured Accoya wood.

Vieser’s design gratings helped create different bathroom styles and unique spaces in this one-of-a-kind home.

“Wooden covers are an interesting detail”
– Talo Aito’s occupants, Niina Noroviita and Tuomas Kukkonen
“Talo Aito aims to represent, above all, Finnish know-how and finely finished solutions, so for us, Vieser was a natural choice to help make that happen,” says Niina Noroviita, who, together with her partner Tuomas Kukkonen, commissioned the construction of their new home in Kouvola’s Housing Fair area.

The couple’s hope was that even the floor drains of the wet spaces would suit the carefully designed overall look of the house and blend in as seamlessly as possible with the other materials. The aim was for the floor drains to introduce something fresh and new to the world of bathrooms.

“We are really pleased that we were able to find the right solution for each space in Vieser’s range and that we could integrate floor drains into our overall visual design. We continued the main building’s spa ambience with a Kebony grating that is well-suited to dark floors. The rather large, square Accoya covers in the sauna building were the starting point for the space’s overall design. The wooden gratings are an interesting detail and they work well as an extension of the natural look achieved in this minimalist bathroom that combines a traditional and modern aesthetic.”

Products used

Vieser Square Design floor drain