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Vieser floor drains – easy, hassle-free maintenance

A floor drain with a design cover may be an eye-catcher, but it can also be something you can cross off your to-do list, because cleaning Vieser’s floor drains is quick and easy. What’s more , the maintenance intervals can be rather long depending on the location.  

Cleaning the floor drain is not something that often comes to mind when designing a bathroom, but a well-working drain is essential, and it must be safe and easy to clean.  

Easy cleaning has been one of the cornerstones in Vieser’s products for years.  

See the cleaning instructions at the end of this page.

Tämä lause oli aika pitkä, joten tein siitä kaksi lausetta.

Reliable floor drains from Finland


Excellent flow properties and over six million installed drains are evidence of Vieser’s reliability. A powerful flow of water down the drain flushes most of the dirt with it, resulting in less need for cleaning.   

When it eventually needs cleaning, it is easy and hassle-free. Lifting even heavy drain covers is safe with the ergonomic lifting tool, and the drain’s water trap has been designed for easy removal. There is only one way to reattach it, making cleaning safe and effortless for anyone.


"Drain solutions in bathrooms are important. The hotel has high cleaning standards, and the time used by professional cleaners is optimised to achieve the best possible result. The Vieser linear floor drain is very clean and easy to maintain. “
Niina Käkelä, supervisor of cleaning at Scandic Rukahovi hotel. Vieser linear floor drains were installed at Scandic Rukahovi hotel.
“Easy cleaning is one of the benefits of installing linear floor drains. They are really easy to clean. In the end, the choice of floor drains was quite obvious. “
Jontte Valosaari




Cleaning the floor drain

  1. Lift the drain cover. Use the lifting tool for large covers.
  2. Remove the water trap using the handle.
  3. Rinse the water trap and clean the drain with a cleaning brush. After cleaning, put the water trap and drain cover back in place.

See all of Vieser’s drain maintenance instructions here.